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Join us at YLJ Art Shop, where we're painting not just canvases but unforgettable moments with dazzling diamonds!

  • New Arrival

    We are excited to offer our customers our new arrival with the best... 

  • Butterflies

    Embrace the enchanting world of butterflies with our captivating Butterfly Collection! Immerse... 

  • Dogs

    If you're a dog lover looking for a fun and creative project, one... 

  • Flowers

    On this page, you will find a wide variety of diamond painting... 

  • Astrology

    Introducing our extraordinary Astrology Collection! Enter a world of celestial wonder and... 

  • Landscape

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  • Portrait

    YLJ Diamond Painting Kits of beautiful portraits. Full drill DIY diamond painting... 

  • Turtles

    Introducing our new collection of Turtles Premium Diamond Painting Kits! These kits... 

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Illuminate your imagination - YLJ Art Shop, where diamonds painting dreams come true.

Welcome to YLJ Art Shop, where each stroke glimmers with the magic of paint by diamonds! Explore the mesmerizing universe of diamond paintings—an amalgamation of vibrant colors and precision. Delve into our thoughtfully curated collection of exquisite diamond artwork kits, meticulously designed to elevate your creative journey. Unveil your imagination with our premium diamond art kits featuring top-quality canvases and dazzling resin drills, crafted to transform every moment into an opulent masterpiece. Start your enchanting venture into diamond artwork today and witness the brilliance of your creations!


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Radiant Relaxation: Dive into Diamond Painting Bliss!

Immerse in the vibrant world of diamond painting—a stress-free haven igniting boundless creativity! Dive into this oasis, fostering deeper connections, enhancing focus, and embracing a world of colorful, relaxing artistry!


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